The history of the Internet begins with the development of electronic computers in the 1950s. Initial concepts of packet networking originated in several computer science laboratories in the United States, United Kingdom, and France. The US Department of Defense awarded contracts as early as the 1960s for packet network systems, including the development of the ARPANET. The first message was sent over the ARPANET from computer science Professor Leonard Kleinrock's laboratory at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) to the second network node at Stanford Research Institute (SRI).

Internet's working

What is the Internet

It seems like everything a person does today is on the internet. A person can go to school, apply for jobs, manage their money, and even meet the love of their life online. There are apps for just about everything. Many people still wonder how the internet came to be as popular as it is.

History of the Internet

In 1962 J.C.R Licklinder came up with an idea that computers from different parts of the globe can be linked together. This would allow the sharing of information to be quick and easy. He led a research team to further develop this concept. Throughout the 1960s research was conducted at by top professors to develop this concept and how to make it a possibility. The Us Department of Defense gave contracts to companies including ARPANET to further research how to send information by using computers. This grow developed protocols on how to join separate computer network and make them one network. In the 1970s researchers were able to use communication protocols to lead to internetworkng. This allows network to join each other and be able to share their information.

In 1981 the National Science Foundation funded more research the on the idea of information sharing over computers. The Computer Science Network was given funded and developed the Internet protocol suite which is now known as the IP address. At this time the supercomputer was developed which allowed researchers to use it to communicate their research findings and share educational stats with each other. In the late 1980 the development of internet service providers (isp) were used for commercial purposes. This also allowed for private connections to the internet and computers to be established. By the early 1990s businesses were able to connect to each other around the globe. By the mid 1990s the internet was set up to carry a large amount of traffic and new features were developed for personal use.

During the 1990s the internet became a cultural revolution. The average person was learning how to send and receive emails, stay in touch with instant messaging, use the internet to make phone calls, search the world wide web, and even make purchases using the computer. During this time connection to the internet was available by use of the telephone lines. Microsoft then developed their operating systems (Windows) that was easy enough for the average person to use. Over the next couple of years new developments were made to allow for high speed internet connection and fiber optic networks. Other areas of the world were also learning how to use the internet and use it for communication purposes. Even today the internet continues to grow as new developments are made.

How the Internet Works

Many people use the internet but they do not really understand how it works and how they are able to access the information they are seeking. The internet is able to run though the telephone systems but is different from making a phone call. The internet links line together using circuit switching. This connects wire together automatically using an electric telephone exchange. There are different connects available to allow a person to be able to use their telephone while using the internet.

The data that a person looks up on the internet is a result of packet switching. The information that is being sent over the internet is broken up into very small pieces. These pieces are known as packets. Each package is tagged with its destination where it is being sent and is able to travel over the internet. Packet may travel through different ways but they all end up in their final destination. When they reach this destination they are reassembled to make the picture whole again. Packet switching is much faster then circuit switching and most of the internet is able to use packets. This allows people to communicate and share information all around the world.

Computers use the internet by using different servers. Serves are used to store all different kinds of information. This allows them to hold and to store information. A computer is able to connect to the internet through and internet service provider. This allows a person to be connected and be able to surf. The internet also uses routers which allow different systems to connect to the internet. The router is needed for a person to get online. There are also signals for wireless connects which allows a person to access the internet without needing any type of wires to be plugged into their computer.

To access a specific website a person has to type in their internet protocol. This is the way the internet is able to address website and allows a person to find what they are looking for. A person uses words for this and the computer translates them into a series of digits and dots that is understood by the computer. Each web address has a different combination so a person is able to get the website they are looking for. This will also allow the transfer of data between computers and web pages.

What can be found on the Internet

With the advances in technology and increasing popularity in computers and global connects just about anything a person can image can be found on the internet. There are some things that have been popular in the last couple of years on the internet.

Social media has become increasing popular over the last couple of years. These sites allow a person to stay connected with their friends and family. They can even meet new people from all around the world. Social media sites allow a person to share their thoughts on topics, post their personal pictures, and stay connected with others. Businesses are even finding these sites useful to share information with their customers and as a new means of advertising.

The internet allows a person that is busy to continue their information from their home computer. There are many college programs that allow a student to study from home. A professor develops the requirements for the course and the student submits their work. All communication is done over email or discussion boards. Schools are even being set up where high school or primary grade students can receive their education over the internet.

Shopping over the internet has become a popular activity. All of the large retailers have website where a person can buy their merchandise. There are many stores that have become popular just be selling over the internet. Auctions sites have gained popularity for people looking for their products at a discount. Paying for items over the internet has become secure. A person can use their credit or debt card to make the purchase and the item is shipped right to their home. There are also internet banks that allow a person to send money through them. Many people like internet shopping since they do shop any hour of the day and they are able to avoid the crowds. All of the same goods and even additional items can be found online.

The internet can be used to find answer to just about anything. The internet contains a large amount of information and a person can find anything they are looking for with a simple search. Emails have also given people the chance to communicate with others easily and all over the world. Email is used for both personal and business purposed.

Internet Security

The security of the internet has come into question in the past couple of year. Internet security has greatly improved. There are many programs that are available to protect the computer from getting viruses. The antivirus protection will keep the computer from getting virus that has been created. These programs will also help protect against spyware. These are programs that certain websites create that install themselves on the computer. They can see all the websites that a person is visiting and can redirect them to a specific company. These constant ads are annoying and they are hard to get rid of.

When making purchase online there are many programs that are encrypted so that a hacker cannot get a person’s credit card information. Over the past couple of years these programs have advanced in security. A person can pay for their purchases for a trusted website without having to worry about their information being stolen. There are additional security codes that need to be entered by a person in order to complete their transaction. Many site do require specific passwords and questions only the owner of the account would know.

There have been additional security measures taken to make sure users are safe especially young users. There are parental blocks where a parent can block out a certain website or certain content. There are warnings on sites that contain adult content and no one under legal age is allowed to enter. When visiting chatrooms it is still important to supervise children and monitor who they are speak with. A person should never give out any of their personal information including contact information or address.

The internet is a great place to find information. With all the advances in technology just about anything is possible in this online world.


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